Ghostface Killah (Best Of)

Ghostface Killah might have made the sweatiest solo career out of any former Wu Tang Clan member. i made a compilation of my favorites of his, check it

New Portishead

Get the new Portishead album "Third" HERE.

It's been 10 years since their last album, and it sounds like they've spent the whole time listening to Radiohead. so that's hot


She and Him

New collaboration between M. Ward and Zooey Deschanel, they called She and Him and the album is called "volume 1". I love M. Ward so hard i could spit, so i was all over this album, although you dont hear him sing much. WARNING: get in the mood for it, listen to it by your lonesome before bed or during murder. GET IT


New Jens Lekman

Jens Lekman is an interesting artist, he's good. This is his new album and me thinks its really good. He's swedish, so that should explain somethings. Sometimes he has pretty poor lyrics but great music, but sometimes he really hits both.
get his new album HERE

New Hives album

k k k The Hives just released their new album called The Black and White Album. I'm not a huge fan of them, but Andre 3000 once said they were his favorite band, and Pharrel and Timbaland helped produce so i thought it'd be worth a listen. It's pretty good
Download HERE

Covertape v.2

Volume 2 of my mixtapes devoted to covers because i heart covers hard. HERE


new Jay-Z album

New Jay-Z American Gangster album- edited as always, HERE. You ask me, i say it's tripe, save "Pray", "Success", and "Fallin" and even those arent too great. I do really like the concept of this album though, read up on wiki. Please note i've never liked Jay-Z, i just dont like him trying to sing and whisper in my ear, meahwhile a disjointed mash of samples and original beats assault my ears. I know he's talented, i've done my research i just dont like his style, content, or instrumentals. I sound pissy and very bloggy, which i dont want to do on this, but i had to. ps. it seems like when youve made a couple dollars and are currently hailed as one of the greats in the "game", youd chill out and stop talking about yourself so much. If youre searching for something less self-indulgent and trite, mostly lyrically speaking, off the top o' ma dome: check out aesop rock, atmosphere, wu tang, the beatles, sage francis, jedi mind tricks, mf doom, outkast for the love of. dont get mad i think the Hova is ova(rated)