new Jay-Z album

New Jay-Z American Gangster album- edited as always, HERE. You ask me, i say it's tripe, save "Pray", "Success", and "Fallin" and even those arent too great. I do really like the concept of this album though, read up on wiki. Please note i've never liked Jay-Z, i just dont like him trying to sing and whisper in my ear, meahwhile a disjointed mash of samples and original beats assault my ears. I know he's talented, i've done my research i just dont like his style, content, or instrumentals. I sound pissy and very bloggy, which i dont want to do on this, but i had to. ps. it seems like when youve made a couple dollars and are currently hailed as one of the greats in the "game", youd chill out and stop talking about yourself so much. If youre searching for something less self-indulgent and trite, mostly lyrically speaking, off the top o' ma dome: check out aesop rock, atmosphere, wu tang, the beatles, sage francis, jedi mind tricks, mf doom, outkast for the love of. dont get mad i think the Hova is ova(rated)


T Driggs said...

i will get mad.

manda said...

I don't know if you'll get this, you haven't updated in a while and this is such an old post anyway. can you repost these two? I'm interested.