I could type lots of words about Radiohead's epic influence, and how if you don't like them i'd like your name and address so i can find you and donkey-punch you in the mouth but i'd rather not take the time, in person i would though. I was thinking of pulling a T but then i membered that i wanted to keep this blog a little more concise, less bloggy and more of just a station for people to download music and other stuff. who knows what it'll turn into, but thats the plan for now.Anyways, they're my favorite band, and i thought i'd post this for people who just havent found the time to discover Radiohead, would have an easy already made Radiohead 101 According to Me mixtape. These are just the songs you need to hear (in my opinion obviously) to really learn about this band. So far this has been a rather dismal piece of literature so just follow this link and listen to jonny and thom.

Download Part 1 HERE
Part 2 is all Radiohead covers, do enjoi. Download Part 2 HERE

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lindsaylark said...

Lucky!!! It's your old love, Lindsay Rozier and I was glad to see that although quite a bit younger than myself, you know a thing or two about good music. Seeing Radiohead in concert was easily one of my top three musical experiences in my 24 year lifespan. I'm not sure what the other two would be, but, yeah, they're amazing. More than a concert, it was all consuming. Or maybe it was the bi-high, I don't know.