Outkast 4ever die hard you want pain, cause you walkin outta that door breathin is insane.

Idlewild Soundtrack HERE, so so good. A lot like the Love Below, the album...

So Andre's latest production went mostly undiscovered i think. It was partially Outkast's fault, they tried to disassociate Outkast with Idlewild and its soundtrack, saying it was not an Outkast production, just an album made by the same 2 people. But not completely, theres much more It is NOT a score, it is a full on exclusive Outkast soundtrack with some stellar guest appearances, most importantly Lil Wayne, not. I hope he gets mistaken for a potato and peeled by migrant workers. Sooner the better, hip hop is suffering major losses to people like him and much worse. The stable hip hop used to provide for societies underdogs, free expression, power, and social commentary has almost entirely fled to the underground. Or should i say The Underground.... it sounds much more legit and kind of mysterious. Anyways, it wasnt my intention to write about my deep-seated loathing for crunk, hyphy, gin and juice and that donald duck orange juice from who's hands hip-hop has been been shivved. That's right i used prison terminology "societies underdogs" in the same paragraph. Kosher? i think so. To the filthy South, and the Bay Area, in ya face.

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Grace J said...

Lucky-I haven't seen the movie but loved this music. You are the best