John Vanderslice/ Russian Futurists

Here's a mixtape of 2 bands that i like and aren't too well known. Russian Futurists sound like their name. John Vanderslice is a stud-muffin fo sho and makes some real stellar music. He just put out a new album which i do not have yet, but the 2 previous, Cellar Door, and more importantly, Pixel Revolt are truly amazing. His stuff is pretty distinct and perfectly produced, its a unique combination of electronic vibes whilst staying a real band, i know this because i saw them perform these songs and they totes pulled it off. I said totes, deal. ps. they performed the encore song in the middle of the crowd acoustic style like Arcade Fire is known to do, and then we had a dance party to Lil Wayne after by the band's request. Unreal

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